Brutas Editoras works in different locations: books are first conceived in New York by its director, writer Lina Meruane.

They are then coordinated and polished by Soledad Marambio, editorial assistant, poet and journalist, and by Alia Trabucco, writer and lawyer. In Chile, graphic designer Carola Zañartu creates the covers (with the possible collaboration of artist Marcela Trujillo). And back in New York the books are printed in our express printing machine. We have three Series: Crossed Destinations: Each book has two authors, who write about their experience of a place that is not their own. They show two contemporary perspectives, written from the viewpoint of a man and a woman. The texts can be written in any language, but are later translated and published in Spanish. Auto-Graphic: Autobiographical graphic novel, in English or Spanish. This Series aims to introduce to the Anglophone world graphic novels produced by authors from a Spanish-Speaking origin. Fresh Fiction: Short novels to long short stories, in a bilingual version, and aims to introduce promising young authors to audiences in the northern part of the Americas. Brutas Founders: Editorial Director: Lina Meruane Editorial Assistants: Soledad Marambio & Alia Trabucco Design: Carola Zañartu Brutas Associates: Media: Guillermo Astigarraga & Cristina Colmena Pictures: Isabel Cadenas-Cañón Logo: Marcela Trujillo Web Design: Mariela Zabala Translations into English and Spanish: Brutas' staff.