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Maliki in Manhattan

(Auto.Graphic Series) Text in English and Spanglish.

This book collects the beginnings in the comic of visual artist Marcela Trujillo, the first Chilean graphic novelist. In an autobiographical approach, her illustrations reproduce Maliki’s daily life during her years in Washington Heights, in northern Manhattan. They are also the testimony of an artistic learning process. The text is written in the protagonist’s broken English while she was still learning the language. The prologue is written by Lina Meruane, who has collaborated with the artist on previous projects.


Enlarged Chile

(Crossed Destinations Series) (original title Chile Engordado, texts in Spanish)

Unlike other books in the Crossed Destinations Series, this is a special volume –thicker, larger, almost an anthology-. It gathers chronicles about Chile written by non-Chilean authors who, from different latitudes, express their particular view on this country. The avid and expansionist Chile which determines its Republican identity and the relationship with its neighbors, the broken Chile wounded by the dictatorial violence, the recovering Chile, and all the Chiles imagined by more distant neighbors.



(Crossed Destinations Series)

Nicaragua became familiar to us through Sandinismo (and Cortázar). Chilean writer Cynthia Rimsky went auto stopping to Nicaragua in 1986 to find out about the revolution, and stayed six months working in Managua. Living in a village near the war zone, she saw soldiers passing by towards the battlefront and was responsible for the last letters they wrote to their mothers. Rimsky went back a few years ago. This is the story of her return. Her text will be published with a chronicle of a more recent Nicaragua, probably written by Rodrigo Rey Rosa.