Matilde Sánchez (Buenos Aires, 1958). She moved to Berlin in 1986 to learn German. There, she lived with a woman who gave her only 6 pieces of coal for her daily heating. Before her arrival in the city, she had already published Historias de vida, the biography of activist Hebe de Bonafini. The German experience triggered her first fiction, La Ingratitud, a remarkable novel focused on the strained telephonic relationship of an Argentinean immigrant with her father, and her bizarre relationship with a homeless Turkish immigrant. More novels came next: El dock, El desperdicio, Los daños materiales and several non-fiction works. The chronicle published in Berlin [dividido], is a part of La canción de las ciudades, which brings together several stories of successive travels made by Matilde Sánchez.

(Berlin [divided], original title Berlín [dividido], Crossed Destinations Series, texts in Spanish)

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