Marcela Trujillo (Santiago, 1969). Painter and cartoonist. She accumulates life experiences from several places: her native Chile, several productive years in New York (1997-2003) and two re-productive years in Hamburg (2004-2006). Trujillo had an early self-taught start and then received formal artistic training at the University of Chile, The Art Students League and the School of Visual Arts. She received the Lloyd Sherwood Scholarship for her paintings and the Fondart, in Chile, for two projects: the comic “Maliki 4 Ojos, un retrato íntimo” (2002) and “Ciencia ficción femenina” (2010). She has had numerous solo and collective exhibitions: “Familienkern”, “Maliki vs. Trujillo” and, more recently, “Maliki Underground” and “Ciencia Ficción Femenina”. She has published comics in the anthology “Trauko Tributo” and in magazines The Clinic, Big Magazine and Trauko as well as in the books “Las crónicas de Maliki 4 Ojos” and “El diario íntimo de Maliki 4 Ojos”. Currently, she works on her first graphic novel “Isabel”, which tells the story of a man who became a woman, or the story of the father of the girl who Trujillo took care of while living in New York. The book “Maliki in Manhattan” is a compilation of several comics the author created while she lived in Washington Heights, and are impudently written in Marcela Trujillo’s Chilean-English style.

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