Juan Villoro (Berlin [divided], original title Berlín [dividido], Crossed Destinations Series, texts in Spanish)
Juan Villoro (Mexico City, 1956). He went to Berlin in 1981 as cultural ambassador in the GDR. His first home was a hotel where a woman slept in the hallways in order to monitor her guests. Villoro would soon understand that the city was dominated by “the paranoiac machine”. By then, Villoro had already published the book La noche navegable. After his experience in Berlin he wrote El disparo de Argón, Materia dispuesta, El testigo, Llamadas de Amsterdam. The author would prove a prolific and tireless traveler in the chronicles Palmeras de la brisa rápida, Safari accidental y 8.8, El miedo en el espejo. His Berlin chronicles, revised for this edition, were originally published in the magazines Eñe and Letras Libres. his expected novel on Berlin is yet to be written.

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